understanding various generations

two-hour training program

strengths and challenges

Ready or not, the latest generation, Gen Z, is graduating from college and entering the workplace. Known as the “true digital natives” and the most diverse generation yet, Gen Z joins Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers to create a diverse workforce that can bring a lot of unique viewpoints to your organization. This age diversity can present numerous challenges around talent recruitment and retention, leadership, management, motivation, and communication. The “Multiple Generations in the Workplace” workshops aim to educate participants about the various generations and guide them in examining their own processes, procedures, and action plan development.

what you'll learn


In this program, participants will:
• Identify characteristics of the various generations at work,
• Explore the challenges of age diversity in the workplace, and
• Discuss areas impacted by age diversity at work.

what you'll get


• A detailed explanation of the characteristics of the various generations in the workplace,
• A comparison of the five generations working (and volunteering) side by side, and
• An engagement activity that allows participants to take a critical look at the various generations currently in the workplace, what they need, what they provide, and the challenges each brings to the workplace.