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what is emotional intelligence?

emotional intelligence defined

In a nutshell, emotional intelligence is the ability to leverage the power of emotions to produce positive results–in ourselves and those with whom we interact. Emotions impact our thinking and decision-making skills, our behaviors, and our performance.

Research has shown that people high in emotional intelligence outperform those with high IQs and are more likely to obtain, retain, and receive promotions in the workplace.
Emotional intelligence has become one of the most essential skillsets for 2020 and beyond, according to the World Economic Forum. EI is not only critical in the workplace, but it also can make a big impact in our personal relationships with our friends, partners, spouses, and children.

emotional intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence has twice the power of IQ to predict performance and is a better predictor than employee skill, knowledge, or expertise. Want to measure your own emotional intelligence, your team members’, or your supervisors and leaders in your organization? We offer all of the award-winning Genos International Emotional Intelligence assessments and personal or group interpretations for each.

EI Assessments

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As a certified emotional intelligence trainer and instructor, Kelley delivers customized training workshops ranging from individual coaching to training sessions for the entire staff. The goals of these training programs range from improving emotional intelligence in general to more specific goals like improving sales, resilience, leadership and supervisor effectiveness, productivity and performance, and creating a more positive workplace environment–all leading to high-performing teams.

Emotionally Intelligent Leader
Improve Sales with EI
Resilient Leader: Managing Stress & Well-Being
Ignite EI Enhancement for Leaders
Engaging Leader: Increase Employee Engagement
Emotional Intelligence Digital Program
Mindful Leader
Build a Positive Workplace