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individuals & families

Kelley Ashby Consulting specializes in preparing college students, recent graduates, adults returning to the workforce, and those geared toward a future promotion or career change for success in their dream career.

Through her experience in higher education, Kelley has developed extensive knowledge in what skills and qualities companies look for in new hires and can tailor her program to improve those competencies an individual may be lacking while helping them develop an impressive resume and assisting in interview readiness. Likewise, Kelley can tailor her training for those who already obtain a position to be successful in their current workplace.

using emotions to improve productivity

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is an essential skillset for the 21st century. Are you looking to become a top performer or salesperson? Want to become a better leader and supervisor? Or, do you want to learn how you can better cope in an unhealthy workplace? EI trainings are a key component in helping individuals increase their performance and productivity, improve sales and customer service, and enhance leadership effectiveness. EI is critical in helping people reduce the stress and burnout of working in toxic workplaces by giving them tools and technique to build their resilience and remain productive.

Click here to learn the benefits of Emotional Intelligence for your individual performance and productivity, leadership effectiveness, and overall well-being.


The Emotionally Intelligent Leader – designed to help leaders and team members enhance their productivity and performance.

Improve Sales with EI – designed to increase sales and improve customer service.

The Resilient Leader – Managing Stress & Well-Being– designed to help leaders and team members enhance their workplace resiliency and remain productive during change and crises.

Ignite EI Enhancement for Leaders – the “top of the line” training program designed specifically for leaders and supervisors looking for a “deep dive” into their emotionally intelligent leadership learning journey.

•  The Engaging Leader – Increase Employee Engagement– designed to help leaders motivate and engage their teams.

Emotional Intelligence Digital Program – designed to help leaders and employees measure their emotional intelligence and apply emotionally intelligent behaviors for work and personal success.

The Mindful Leader – designed to help leaders and team members enhance their mindfulness and well-being.


• Assessments (self, 180°, and 360° for leaders)
• Individual and Group Interpretations of Reports
• Individual Coaching
• Group Trainings (1-hour, half-day, full-day, customized)

self-paced online course for parents & guardians

raise resilient kids

Any busy parent knows that time (and mental energy) is a scarce commodity. Of course, you want your child to thrive, but you don’t have time to read #allthethings. And for heaven’s sake- where would you even start? Raise Resilient Kids exists to live our mission out loud: Let’s make the emotional struggle less real. Stressed doesn’t have to be a status symbol. Parenting doesn’t have to be a fight. In fact, it can be fun.

How would it feel if we told you it wasn’t your job to shield your child from every possible hardship or disappointment? The weight of the world isn’t yours to carry for your family. As parents, our role is to be a strong role model and a safe place to land, not the ultimate rescuer. 

Behind the scenes of Raise Resilient Kids, we curate reputable and effective content for you. Think of us as your “resiliency concierge” – We get you all the ideas and resources you need to actually implement changes. Less wishing, more doing.

improving critical workplace skills

workplace training

Need to develop or improve the skills critical to workplace success for your future career? We offer skills training in numerous areas that will lead directly to workplace success:

understanding your talents

leveraging your strengths

“There is no more effective way to empower people than to see each person in terms of his or her strengths” (Don Clifton, Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of CliftonStrengths®). Understand your talents and what makes you unique so you know how to:

the leader businesses can't wait to hire

strength-based leadership

Want to become a leader businesses can’t wait to hire? Become a more effective leader by discovering and applying three key strengths-based leadership principles: