retaining age diverse talent

half-day training program

attract. recruit. retain.

This half-day training program combines the “Understanding the Various Generations” program with tips on how to attract, recruit, hire, and retain age diverse talent. This workshop focuses on the positives of each generation in the workplace and engages participants in identifying strategies they can implement immediately at their organization to attract, recruit, and retain the talent from each generation in order to strengthen your overall team.

what you'll learn


In this program, participants will:
• Identify characteristics of the various generations at work
• Explore the challenges of age diversity in the workplace
• Discuss areas impacted by age diversity at work
• Recognize the strengths of various generations
• Develop a strategic action plan for recruiting and retaining age diverse talent
• Leverage the components of each generation to attract, recruit, and retain the talent of each generation in order to create a strong, age diverse team

what you'll get


• A detailed explanation of the characteristics of the various generations in the workplace,
• A side-by-side comparison of the five generations working (and volunteering) side by side,
• An engagement activity that allows participants to take a critical look at the various generations currently in the workplace, what they need, what they provide, and the challenges each brings to the workplace, and
• An engagement activity on how to leverage the differences of the various generations and develop an intentional plan aimed at attracting, recruiting, and retaining the various generations of your team.