motivating & engaging

half-day training program

motivate your team

This half-day training program combines the “Understanding the Various Generations” program with tips on how to effectively motivate and engage a multigenerational team. This workshop focuses on the individual components of a multigenerational workplace and the components of motivating and engaging each generation.

what you'll learn


In this program, participants will:
• Identify characteristics of the various generations at work,
• Explore the challenges of age diversity in the workplace, 
• Discuss areas impacted by age diversity at work,
• Recognize the strengths of various generations, and
• Leverage the motivation and engagement of each generation.

what you'll get


• A detailed explanation of the characteristics of the various generations in the workplace,
• A side-by-side comparison of the five generations working (and volunteering) side by side,
• An engagement activity that allows participants to take a critical look at the various generations currently in the workplace, what they need, what they provide, and the challenges each brings to the workplace, and
• An engagement activity on how to motivate and engage the various generations of your team.