EI digital program

2 weeks - 6 months program

learn ei virtually

During this highly engaging six module program—delivered virtually—participants will learn how to enhance their emotional intelligence skills to improve how they connect, communicate, and influence others. Participants will also learn how to enrich their leadership effectiveness, personal relationships, and overall health and happiness. Emotional intelligence involves using emotions to generate positive outcomes by helping us understand, manage, and express our emotions intelligently to enhance our decision-making, behaviors, and performance.

what you'll learn


Emotionally intelligent leadership is explored over six, 90-minute, virtual-led highly interactive modules.  Each module includes tools and techniques for practical application into participants’ professional and personal lives. This program provides the option to include a pre and post-test Genos International Emotional Intelligence assessment. 

In this program, participants will:

  • explore the neuroscience and social neuroscience of emotions and emotional intelligence
  • determine the link between emotions, decision-making, behavior, and performance
  • review the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors
  • improve self-awareness and enhance empathy
  • explore the power and finesse of expressing feelings in leadership
  • identify effective ways of expressing emotions
  • practice applying a model for facilitating challenging performance conversations
  • explore emotional reasoning and its importance in decision-making
  • examine personal triggers and identify alternative and more effective ways of responding to them
  • review a range of techniques for managing stress and enhancing resilience
  • analyze and apply the fundamentals of human motivation principles in our leadership practice

what you'll get


  • Relevant content with practical application
  • Highly interactive and engaging delivery format utilizing discussion and breakout rooms
  • Polls and data that provide insights
  • Activities that build skill, knowledge, application, and integration
  • Optional Genos Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Assessments to turn feedback into developmental action steps (reports available digitally or through a one-on-one professional coaching debrief)
  • Personalized Program Workbook
  • Expert-led virtual content facilitation